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Both families in this post endured a significant hardship of being separated from each other for the past year.  Last April, Tim and Jerome deployed to Iraq. As Blackhawk pilots, their mission was to provide medical evacuation (Medevac) capabilities to wounded soldiers, contractors, and even our enemies on the battlefield.  The unit collectively flew 1,000 missions during their deployment. They were extremely successful by returning home with every soldier that was deployed.  Amazing!

The joy of seeing children with their fathers again after such a long absence cannot be adequately described.  The strength of the women left behind is impossible to understand.  And the courage, stamina, and quick-thinking abilities that these men must have is something to truly be proud of.

On Armed Forces Day (this Saturday), we would like to welcome home every soldier from the 2/238  C Company Medevac unit.  Congratulations on a successful mission!