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Indiana Wedding with Miami Inspiration

The wedding day for Vivienne and Chris was pure fun.  The families were so incredibly sweet. Vivienne’s mom held her hand the whole time while her friend laced up the back of her gown. Her grandmother sat and watched with a huge smile. Because Vivienne’s great-grandmother loved the classic film Gone with the Wind she named her grandmother after the famous actress, Vivienne Leigh. The name was then passed down three generations. Vivienne’s father couldn’t stop telling her how beautiful she was just before the ceremony started. It was so sweet to witness.  How lucky are we that we get to witness these types of moments in life?

Vivienne joked that she had told her wedding planner, Gene Huddleson of Detail & Design, to bring Miami to Indiana, so it was only fitting that we had such hot and humid weather that day. Whew…everyone was sweating!  Chris was so attentive to Vivienne during photos at the IMA. He carried her dress for her and made sure she didn’t lose her step in the gardens. They were adorable.

D’Amore looked amazing, and the perfect venue to weave in the Miami-theme, with large palm branches coming out of the oversized vases, the lounge, and much more. Thomas Caterers created delicious food…the edible Cuban cigars were a huge hit. We got to watch a lightning storm from the top of the Chase Tower…how cool is that?  Then there was the most amazing sunset that peeked out afterwards for them. The DJ definitely brought the Miami Night club. They had some major salsa dancers on the dance floor!

A heartfelt congratulations to Vi and Chris. So glad we could be a part of it.

WEDDING PLANNER | Detail & Design.  CHURCH | Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.  RECEPTION | D’Amore.  CATERING | Thomas Caterers of Distinction.   DECOR AND FLORALS | Detail & Design.  MUSIC | Cocktail Sax Jazz Band.  LIGHTING | BMG.  CAKE | Simply Perfections.

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