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Summer Wedding in Carmel, IN

Tory and Austin were so much fun to be with on their wedding day.  Because they did not see each other before the ceremony, we split our photography team, and had equally fun times with the bridesmaids and the groomsmen.  They were all such a great group of friends.  Some of our favorite moments of the day were:  Just observing the gals hanging out, getting their makeup done, and sharing many laughs.  The hand delivered Starbucks with a special message from the groom. Getting offered Fireball shots while we were taking the groomsmen pictures.  Watching Tory put on the wedding gown which was made by her great-grandmother for her grandmother’s wedding on June 20th, 1948 (almost exactly 66 years before).  The dress was also worn again by Tory’s mother on her wedding day of June 18th, 1983.  That is a total first for us.  Needless to say, the gown was hot…so Tory was glad to slip into something a bit more comfortable after a few hours.  We loved walking around the Carmel Arts District for pictures.  It was a perfect backdrop for them in-between the ceremony and reception.  Tory is absolutely stunning, and her happiness oozed all day.  She and Austin thought a lot about the details and had a few fun props to use as well.  The bride made the tablecloths, and collected all of the different milk white vases used as the centerpieces at the reception.  In addition, she and her made of honor created all of the florals.  They worked hard!  The highlight for many guests at the reception was listening to Reb Porter, the voice of the Indianapolis Pacers for 42 years.  What a day…CONGRATULATIONS!

MAKEUP | Karen Hall.  CHURCH | Carmel Lutheran Church.  RECEPTION | Dr. James A Dillon Park.  CATERING | Maggiano’s.  DJ | Reb Porter.

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