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We were recently queried by theknot for some of the biggest mistakes couples make when planning a wedding.  I thought I would share my opinions…and let’s remember, they are just that…opinions.  But after being in the business for ten years, we have learned, and seen a lot!

These are not in order of importance.

Not hiring a wedding planner or coordinator. Even if you are the most organized bride why would you ever put that pressure on yourself the day of your wedding? You are suppose to be the center of attention, enjoying every moment…not coordinating and following your itinerary. Sit back and relax. Besides, many brides think they cannot afford a planner but if they understood the greatest advantage in having a planner is having them negotiate their vendor contracts, they savings would automatically pay for the planner.

This one is going to be unpopular for some.  But under a tight timeline, not seeing each other prior to the ceremony is a mistake. If you are giving your photographer only an hour to get images with: wedding party, family, and just the two of you…you will inevitably be disappointed. It is your wedding day…spend it together…not just the last few hours. Why rush with images? Go around town with your wedding party. Go to a cafe. Stop at a park.  Now…if you have several hours inbetween the ceremony and reception…it is a different story.  If you are getting married in late-October through April and planning a late ceremony…do yourself a favor and see each other prior to.  Otherwise, you will have no natural light to work with.

Not matching your attire to the venues your have selected for your wedding, especially the reception. For example, if you are getting married in an opulent ballroom…don’t wear a slinky destination gown. Or if you are getting married in a garden…consider light suits instead of heavy tuxedos.  Your groomsmen will thank you.

Not getting professional makeup done. It is your one day to shine…so feel fantastically gorgeous. Most worry that a makeup artist will go overboard, and make them look ‘different’ on their wedding day. If that is the case, you are working with the wrong makeup artist. Your skin will always look best with professionally applied makeup.

Not branding your event. Make your event look cohesive. It is more than just picking out ‘your colors’, you need to be consistent with fonts, papers, linens, florals, etc. You may have the skills or you may look to a professional.  But branding makes the first impression on your wedding…make it stand out.  More importantly, let is scream YOU and your GROOM.

Do NOT, under any circumstances, hire a ‘friend of the family’ to photograph your wedding unless their full-time job is a professional wedding photographer. If you do, expect the relationship to end because when you are dissatisfied with their images they will feel under appreciated. Remember there are only three things left at the end of a wedding: your marriage, your memories, and the images you can look back on to reflect on a magnificent day.

Making the centerpieces at your event…just that…centerpieces! We have seen so many brides spend thousands of dollars on centerpieces that were so large and cumbersome their guests moved them to the floor during the reception just so they could converse across the table with one another. Can you imagine!?!  Work with a quality florist that knows how to create something that is beautiful but not burdensome.

More on flowers. Don’t get a bouquet so large and heavy that you don’t want to carry it. Worse, don’t let it be so big that you cannot see your beautiful gown.

Don’t make your single friends feel bad. If you have only a handful of single friends, DITCH the bouquet and garter toss. It will only make the feel like fools in front of a large crowd.

Do not plan a wedding without providing the wedding party, family and vendors with a detailed itinerary. Knowing where to be and when to be there is critical. And, plan for the ‘late people’…we all know them. Fudge on your itinerary by at least 15 minutes.

Provide transportation for the wedding party. The worst situation you can put yourself and your photographer in is to have one member of the wedding party missing because they have gotten lost. Get a trolley, a large van, a party bus, a limo…whatever…just stick together.