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We seldom post personal images but this moment was too good not to share. This was the happiest moment we will remember as a family…The Stoner Six.

My husband, Tim, was deployed to Iraq last April. He had an admirable cause of flying Medevac missions to save soldiers lives. I, along with my four young children (Briggs, Gage, Emerson, and Campbell), missed him considerably during his absence.  However, we found great strength in the support of our friends and family. Most importantly, we remained positive and grateful for the experience.

To see the entire collection of images that I am forever thankful for Nate capturing, you may visit our blog, Letters From Tim.  Thank you.


Briggs Stoner, Campbell Stoner, Tim Stoner, Emerson Stoner, Gage Stoner, Tiffany Stoner Stoner Six


Briggs Stoner