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We were looking forward to Rachel and Andy’s wedding for over a year.  While we were the photographers at the wedding, we certainly felt more like long-time friends.  We photographed the wedding for the bride’s sister several years before, and have had many occasions to spend time together over the years.  We adore them all!  We couldn’t be happier for Rachel and Andy, who after ten years of dating, made it official in front of their closest friends and family among the galleries at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

The wedding was simplistic, stunning and absolutely perfect.  It had much to do with Andy and Rachel being laid back and happy.  Some of our favorite moments of the day: watching the bridesmaids get ready at The Conrad, seeing THAT gown in person for the first time, hanging out with the fun wedding party, carefully staying out of the rain, walking throughout the IMA galleries, sharing the painting that was donated by the bride’s grandfather to the IMA, hearing our names personally called out by the father of the bride in the welcome toast, watching everyone devour the cupcake station, and a whole lot of hockey fans!

WEDDING PLANNER | Josh Gurvitz.  VENUE | Indianapolis Museum of Art.  BRIDAL GOWN | Vera Wang.  SHOES | Badgley Mischka. BRIDAL GOWN | Vera Wang.  TUXEDOS | Hugo Boss.  MAKEUP | Abby Lynn Prather.  GETTING READY | The Conrad.  RINGS | Fords Jewelers.  CATERING | Kahn’s.  LINENS | LGI Linens.  INVITATIONS |  Wedding Paper Divas.  FLORALS | Posh Petals.  MASTER OF CEREMONIES | Jim Cerone.

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