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As you may know, Nate and I like to begin and end our peak photography season with something a bit wild, wacky, and creative. We think it puts nice ‘bookends’ on each year. Last year, we began with the ‘Sexy Shoot‘ and concluded a very busy year with the ‘Trash the Dress‘.

So we got our thinking caps on, collaborated with Allure Salon and came up with a fabulous idea…Anti-Prom (otherwise known as Punk Prom). We have enjoyed working with seniors this past year so much that we thought it would be a blast to totally take them out of their element…wild, crazy, punked out hair and makeup to match. We were thrilled with the results of the looks we achieved.

We are most thankful for the participation of Melissa Ingersoll’s team at Allure Salon. They have recently opened an awesome salon off of 106th Street and Michigan Road. It was a perfect place to begin a perfect day.

And finally…thanks especially to our Punk Divas – Cortney, Danielle, Eva, Paige, and Sophie (and of course, their parents for their consent) for rockin’ it. You gals were clearly a blast to work with and we appreciate your willingness to act a different part for a day. Best wishes to you as you enter college in the Fall. Enjoy!