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We met Patrice and Tony this past January at Jen and Brad’s wedding in Chicago. We thought they were a unique couple and loved the idea of their wedding reception being held at a wine bar. Tony is a chef…so we figured food would be an integral part of the affair. They also mentioned a stop at their favorite ‘watering hole’ with their wedding party in between the ceremony and reception. This had fun written all over it.

In order to keep so many weddings straight each year, Nate and I develop a one-sentence description for each. For this, we have come up with…Wine Bar wedding with the pig cutting! See…instead of cutting a cake, they cut a pig (ready to eat, of course, not alive).

Aside from some of the unique aspects to this wedding, we loved that Patrice wore her grandmother’s veil which was once worn by her mother as well. Tony’s wedding band was Patrice’s grandfathers when he was alive. So…tradition wrapped up into non-tradition!