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THIRTY-FOUR | personal

I have never been big on birthdays. Besides the first and your last, they really have little significance. However, now that I have my daughter, Elin, my attitude has changed. I looked into the mirror this morning and wondered if I would be here for my 68th birthday. My hope is – YES! I want […]


We are thrilled with the newest addition to Main Street in Zionsville…Ballerinas and Bruisers owned by Steve Schwartz. It is 100 percent, absolutely the type of store that belongs along the brick-lined, picturesque street. It is an eclectic boutique with adorable children’s clothing, mixed in with unique items for cats/dogs, and tasty treats in the […]

JAMIE + MATTHEW | wedding

EXQUISITE WEDDING IN DOWNTOWN INDIANAPOLIS Sweet couple…strong in their faith, with a long history together. Their families have been significantly intertwined since they began dating at Heritage Christian School. While they are accustomed to sticking close to home, they had a romantic engagement in Paris. We have had the pleasure of getting to know Jamie […]