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Beautiful California Wedding at San Francisco City Hall

We Natalie and Nicholas held an epic wedding weekend in San Francisco.  As is often in California, the weather was perfect.  The weekend began with an intimate rehearsal dinner at one of their favorite restaurants.  The next day they held an informative Chinese Tea Ceremony for both sides of the family.  It was really special to photograph.  All of the bridesmaids gathered at the home of Natalie’s parents where hair and makeup was done the day of the wedding.  The windows were open, the sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, and the excitement was building before the ceremony.  Natalie was STUNNING…seriously!  The bridesmaids dresses were…AMAZING!

We soon boarded the Google Bus which was a treat.  We have to hand it to the driver navigating an enormous bus around some of those roads!  The ceremony the moment we arrived.  It was especially meaningful to Nicholas who grew up in the St. Catherine Parish.

After the ceremony, we whisked the wedding party away for some pictures at back at Natalie’s home and then City Hall.  We could not have had more fun with this wedding party. They kept us laughing, and certainly gave us numerous photo opportunities throughout the night.

San Francisco’s City Hall is something magnificent to see.  It provided a beautiful backdrop for their very unique wedding which included stations of savory food and desserts, fantastic music, extremely lively dancing, and hilarious toasts.

We are truly grateful for every wedding we have the opportunity to witness.  Photographing Natalie and Nicholas’ wedding in San Francisco was a gift.  Many thanks…and congratulations.

WEDDING COORDINATION | Dreams on a Dime.  VENUE | San Francisco City Hall.  FLORALS | Artful Floral Designs.  CATERING | Taste Catering.  CAKE | Copenhagen Bakery.  LIGHTING | Got Light.  DJ | Sir Edgar.  BAND | Silver Moon Big Band.  ICE SCULPTURE | Clear Memories.  GOWNS | Vera Wang Luxe and Peter Langer Atelier.  SHOES | Badgley Mischka.  BRIDESMAID | Bella Bridesmaid.  TUXEDO | Neiman Marcus.  INVITATIONS | Paper Caper.  REHEARSAL DINNER | Coconut Bay.  HAIR | Trio.  MAKEUP | Design Her Image.


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