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If you haven’t heard of Market District and live in the Indianapolis-area…your tv likely hasn’t been on, you probably don’t check Facebook often, you might hate food, or you have been out of the country for the last few weeks. There just isn’t any other answer.

We spent A LOT of time leading up to Grand Opening within the walls of this magnificent store. And, I am not even sure you can call it a store because inside there is a high-end restaurant, a beauty bar, a dry cleaner, a walk-in humidor, a bakery, and a gelato and old-fashioned candy corner.

Just go. It is worth a trip when you have a few hours to peruse through each aisle.

They had a goal of sourcing locally and have contracted with over 60 local suppliers.

Running late from work? Stop in and they will cook meat to your specifications. Heading to a  wedding and having a bad hair day? Stop at the Beauty Bar for a blowout. But before you do drop your kids off at the daycare while you do it. Are you a cigar lover? Take a deep breath as you walk into the giant humidor with the smells you so love. Starbucks a given! Cheese lover? Seriously they have over 200 cheeses…and they make fresh mozzerella every morning.

How is all of this happening you may ask? Giant Eagle has employed over 600 people in opening this flagship store.

Ooops…we forgot something…they built an event space that will accommodate over 200.

We are pretty excited it all.


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