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Incredible attention to detail made this wedding breathtaking!

Maggie and Steven have such a notion of who they are, and deeply appreciate tradition.  Their wedding weekend was filled with friends and family.  Beautiful, elegant touches were evident throughout.

The challenges and worries of planning a wedding from New York, were quickly subsided once the wedding day arrived.  Maggie had worked closely with Deborah of A Touch of Elegance, and nothing went awry.  Their wedding was like taking a step back in time but with a fresh, modern twist. We especially loved the ‘dance cards.’

We have loved working with Maggie and Steven.  We look forward to a long-lasting friendship!

…WEDDING PLANNER | A Touch of Elegance. REHEARSAL DINNER | The Meridian.  CHURCH | Tabernacle Presbyterian Church.  VENUE | Crowne Plaza.  FLORALS | Bokay Florist. INVITATIONS | Westwood Paper Company.  HAIR AND MAKEUP | Karen Hall & Co.  TUXEDOS | Joseph A. Banks.  RENTALS | A Classic Party Rental.  DJ | Jim Cerone.  VIDEOGRAPHY | IndyVisual.  CAKE | Heavenly Sweets.  TRANSPORTATION | Carey Indiana Limousine. CARRIAGE | Yellow Carriage.

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