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West Baden Wedding full of WOW!

Lauren and Michael were absolutely one of the sweetest brides and grooms.  Lauren simply looked as if she could have been on the cover a couture bridal magazine. She was stunning from head to toe.  And, that gown…so matched the magnificence of West Baden.  Ahhh…..

The day was filled with heavy emotion.  Tears were shed at their first look which was a special moment for them, and one we are grateful to have had witnessed.  Lauren was calm, very excited and anxious to see Michael. And, he was equally as eager to see his bride.  It was really all very sweet.  We could tell how much they loved each other before we even saw them together.  The tears and genuine feeling of love continued through the ceremony.  The children in the wedding provided so many cute moments as well.  And can you say flutter-fetti?

THE DETAILS were truly magnificent…as if West Baden all by itself wasn’t enough already.  It was dreamy…and the team selected to make this dream come true was amazing.  The reception was magical. Their first dance wasn’t just swaying back and forth.  They used the space on the dance floor as it should have been.  For the traditional father/daughter dance, the bride was surprised by all of the guests who surrounded the dance floor holding candles in memory of her father who passed away. There wasn’t a dry eye underneath that dome.  One of our favorite moments was when Lauren’s siblings serenaded the couple.  Again…more tears.

Our heartfelt congratulations to Lauren and Michael for years and years to come.

EVENT PLANNER | Monica Richard with Mon Amie Events.  GOWN | Vera Wang.  SHOES | Manolo Blahnik.  VENUE | West Baden Springs Hotel.  VIDEOGRAPHER | Northernlight Filmworks.  ENTERTAINMENT | TLW Entertainment and Chicago Catz.  LINENS | LGI Linens.  MAKEUP  Makeup by Sparkle.  HAIR | JW Salon. PAPERIE | pomp&polish.  DECOR RENTALS | A Classic.  LIGHTING/AV | BMG Audio Visual.  REHEARSAL DINNER | Pete Dye Golf Course.

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