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What Nate and I love most about the wedding business…is that no two weddings have ever been alike…even if they are at the same location. Each wedding carries with it a distinct personality that is first carved out by the bride and groom. And then further developed by their wedding party, guests, decor, and music.

We knew that Krista and Marc were going to have a wedding that was definitely non-traditional…they told us so from the beginning. It was pragmatic, simple, understated, very casual, quirky, and artistic. You see, Krista and Marc are both artists. One of the funniest comments I remember them mentioning early on in our meetings was they preferred few images of ‘inanimate objects.’ So the detail guy that Nate is had to lay off a little for this occasion.

In any case, Krista’s gown was handmade by her mother within hours of her walking down the aisle at the Indianapolis Art Center. And I must say…she carried it off very well. Their best man and maid of honor became ordained in order to perform the ceremony.

We think highly of Krista and Marc and wish them the very best!