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Winter Wedding at Indiana Historical Society

We LOVE hearing success stories but witnessing them is entirely another thing.  Jennifer and Earl are one of those.  They are both curious, good-natured, and not weighted down by drama. She jokes she is kind of a ‘bull in the china shop’ in the way that she can easily break things, but Earl just takes it all in stride.  They simply get along perfectly.

They had a beautiful Winter wedding…it is hard to believe we were able to get outside but it worked out better than we all could have imagined.  The ceremony and reception were a joy as evident from the guests and family.  The NFL scouting combine was going on that day so that meant lots of guys congratulating the couple. On our way down to the first look, a guy in the elevator asked if today was ‘the real deal’ or if she was modeling.  Nothing like making a bride feel like a million bucks. It was crazy warm out for February (perhaps the one day) so there were people along the canal while we were taking bridal party pictures. But when it started getting chilly on the Circle, Jen and Earl were cute getting snuggly and warm.

We wish them both our heartfelt congratulations.

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