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We are very excited about the opportunity to share industry tips and trends with our clients.  Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing several topics of interest with key leaders and trend setters in the event and wedding industry.  We have invited wedding planners, videographers, live bands, and DJs to answer some hard questions about their business, ultimately providing you with excellent advice with those that we trust the most.

Welcome to our first guest blogger, Kate Berglund of KB Design, LLC, known nationally for her creative vision.  We have collaborated with Kate on several events over the past few years.  Her creativity and ingenuity is limitless.  We love photographing events that she has worked on because we know there is going to be something very special and personal that she has weaved in to the branding.

We asked Kate the following questions…


For those that are new to the concept branding, what is it?
The term “brand” is used to describe the emotional and psychological relationship your company or event has with your customers/consumers. Strong brands elicit thoughts, emotions, and sometimes physiological responses from customers. Consider the following companies- Apple, Bentley, Martha Stewart. Just hearing the name or seeing the logo, you have a specific emotional response.

These same principles apply to event branding. Just like corporate branding, event branding creates an emotional or psychological response with your guests, ultimately making your wedding day an experience versus an event.

Why is branding critical to wedding, And how can it cohesively bind a wedding?
For many, the wedding day is one of the most important days of their life. When most brides plan their wedding they understandably focus on the individual components – save the dates, invitations, flowers, music, and of course, the dresses. They need to determine where, when, how many in the wedding party, and what about the music. My advice- Think of this great day as an experience for your guests that starts when they receive their first save the date and ends when they say good-bye.

Creating a wedding brand allows you to combine your personal brand (ex, your friend knows you love the beach or the color purple.) with the wedding experience you strive to achieve with your guests. Imagine your guests receive their invitations weeks before the event and arrive to see the same the colors, floral, linens, and the day of collateral (menu, programs, place cards, signage, table numbers, napkins, coasters, etc.) all have the same sense of style, look, feel – it all creates that experience!

What are some new trends that you are witnessing relative to branding?
When considering trends in the wedding industry, you will find that I have to consider the same ones that most vendors do for weddings (i.e. colors). We work hard to be trendsetters in our industry. Event branding is relatively a new concept, so you’ll find a lot of the new trends that affect us come from the graphic design and art world. For example; new paper selections, printing techniques, ‘green’ products, etc.

How do you design a concept for a bride and groom that defines them?
In order to do this successfully, I have to get to know them really well. I ask a ton of questions about their hobbies, how they met, what they love to do together, etc. I love to know about the details of the day and/or how they envision their day. Sometimes it can be the details on a bridesmaid dress that inspires me or their favorite thing to do when their together. You never know what is going to give you inspiration, so the more information you have the better. This guarantees the design will be reflective of their personal brand.

How do you collaborate with other vendors to insure the branding is a thread throughout the event?
First, great weddings happen because a great TEAM of people are on the job. It is important that you select a team of vendors that are either familiar with working together or have no trouble being part of team. As much as you as a client will go over things with them, the vendors themselves will need to talk.

For me, it’s critical to understand how their wedding day will go. For instance, if I have to do menus and table numbers, I need to have an idea of set-up for the tables. Are the napkins being set on the plate? What does the centerpiece look like? Height? Etc…I don’t want to design something that ultimately doesn’t work for the final day set-up. So, it is such an important part of my job to talk with those vendors that can affect my design. Some of the fun things that come out of it is that we all end up working as a team, taking inspiration from each other and a lot of times making sure all the loose ends are tied up and things run smoothly for the special day!

Does branding have to be an expensive concept? What are some cost savings techniques as it relates to branding?
Of course branding doesn’t have to be expensive. In this day and age of weddings the DIY side of things is so big. Majority of brides these days are computer savvy and between that and your local Michael’s store you can make anything happen! I think the best thing to keep in mind is you don’t have to do a ton of pieces to get your personal brand across. Keep your design consistent from beginning to end and you can achieve this concept easily.

If someone cannot afford a branding designer, what would be the one piece of advice you would give them?
Be true to yourself. Think of a time you walked through an event and said WOW! Think of how you felt then consider what you want your guests to experience on your special day. Once you determine this, strive to bring this experience to your guests each time you touch them. Starting with the save the date, if you chose to do one, and ending with your thank-you’s.