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This amazing day took place near my wife’s hometown in Sweden. Jonas, my brother-in-law, finally asked his girlfriend, and the mother of their two children to marry him. Jonas and Erika have been “sambo” for ten years. It is a bit confusing to describe, however, many young Swedes forego marriage and live in sambo (like marriage without the legal and religious aspect).

The wedding ceremony and reception took place in a small and beautiful agricultural community in Osaby. The church was built in 1786, and the estate where the reception took place was built around the same time period. The properties were surrounded by lakes, beautiful farmland, and pleasant pastures.

As the bride and groom made their grand exit from the church, the rain began. All the guests took the weather in stride giving the bride and groom an additional rain of rice, kisses, and hugs.

Do to the weather we took some quick shots on the water, the church grounds, a 1949 mint condition Mercedes 170 S , and a field en route to the ceremony. As usual, I wish we had had more time for photographs!

Erika is a native to Hungary, but has lived in Sweden for over half of her life. This made for an interesting wedding group. We arrived to a grand audience awaiting at the front of the estate. Balloons were released and a toast offered before the reception began. After many shots of Aquavit (I was technically a guest not just their photographer), we danced into the morning hours. Most of the crazy Hungarians (these people can party) were dancing and drinking until 4am (some did not go to bed)!

In reflection, what makes a wedding in Sweden so special is the intimate scale and relaxed nature of the people. Those who are invited tend to be family and their most intimate friends. Enjoy! N8

P.S. Helena’s brother, Peder, an aspiring and gifted artist, photographed with me. Thank you.