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PLANS AFTER HIGH SCHOOL? I am hoping to go to Purdue! I haven’t decided what I want to study yet, but I am planning on studying abroad at some point! FAVORITE BOOK? Harry Potter. FAVORITE MOVIE? Beauty and The Beast. FAVORITE ARTICLE OF CLOTHING? My Timberland boots. FURRY FRIENDS? Two dogs (see pic at end). THREE WORDS FRIENDS WOULD USE TO DESCRIBE YOU? Strong, trustworthy, loving. FAVORITE HIGH SCHOOL MEMORY? This year I am taking a cadet teaching class, where I get to spend the last two periods of the school day at an elementary school working with a 1st grade class! It is the highlight of everyday and it makes me so happy. MOST EXCITING TRIP EVER TAKEN? I spent six weeks this last summer living in France, fully immersed in the language! I lived with a host family and was only allowed to speak French and I got to go to school everyday and go on excursions with a group of other Indiana high school students. IN TEN YEARS…Hopefully graduated from college, working with animals or as a teacher, and having a family started/ready to start a family (and will already have one or two dogs).

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