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Winter Wedding at Fountain Square

We had a SUPER fun day with Caitlin and Brett.  Music was a big part of the day. Brett loves vinyl records and all types of music. The girls listened to a lot of classics from the 50s & 60s in the morning while getting ready. And when Brett texted Caitlin to tell her they were getting married on the same day that Johnny and June Cash had, it gave everyone a huge laugh.

Some of our favorite moments were:
– We decided to do their first look on the bridge to the NCAA Museum.  Brett ran to Caitlin as soon as he turned to see her coming up to him.  It was so sweet!
– During the ceremony, the unity candle would NOT light. The crowd clapped and cheered once they finally got it.
– There is nothing like the sound of bagpipes…a bagpiper led them out during the recessional and he also played during their exit from the church.
– The father of the bride…what an energized and awesome speech.
– Lots of CRAZY dancing while the Dj played and very wide range of music that Brett had selected.
HUGE congratulations!

CHURCH | Holy Cross.  VENUE | Fountain Square.  FLORAL | Lilly Lane.  VIDEOGRAPHERS | Cybil & Brandon Studios.

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