We are thrilled with the newest addition to Main Street in Zionsville…Ballerinas and Bruisers owned by Steve Schwartz. It is 100 percent, absolutely the type of store that belongs along the brick-lined, picturesque street. It is an eclectic boutique with adorable children’s clothing, mixed in with unique items for cats/dogs, and tasty treats in the back of the store. They anticipate having birthday parties on the back patio beginning in the Spring…a perfect spot for an intimate party for toddlers.

Sweet Lucinda’s is the specialty bakery in the back of the store. We have been an avid fan of Sweet Lucinda’s for years since she started selling her baked goods at the Zionsville Farmer’s Market. In fact, if you really want a special dessert for your guests at your wedding…contact Courtney. She will whip something whimsical up just for you. See some of her treats below. They are almost too pretty to eat.

Ballerinas and Bruisers does not have their site up yet but check back within a few weeks. Enjoy!

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