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In ten years of photographing, no two weddings have been alike.  But Ashleigh and Bryan’s wedding even took that a few steps further.  It was perfectly…THEM!

One of my favorite quotes, when she answered what made them unique was, “Between Bryan’s banjo-playing and my kimono-wearing, our neighbors always have something to talk about!”  It immediately gave me a visual…

Both Ashleigh and Bryan looked perfect for their wedding day which began at Christ Church Cathedral and followed at  Trader’s Point Creamery.  She wore a short, vintage dress with a purple veil (LOVED IT!) and Bryan wore a khaki three-piece suit (perfect for the venue).  Some of the uniqueness of the event included:  Bazbeaux Pizza (yum!), old wooden chairs, banjo playing, pin-tail on the donkey, bride and groom paper custom-made paper dolls for each guest, bridesmaids that were given the flexibility to make their attire suit them (check it out below), the bride changing into cowboy boots, etc.

Our warmest congratuations to Ashleigh and Bryan.  Enjoy!