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High School Sweetheart Wedding

Anne and Richard met as juniors in high school, and continued to date long distance for ten years, including their respective times in college.  They have very different personalities, with Richard being outgoing/spontaneous and Anne sweet/reserved but they are the perfect compliment to each other.  Richard surprised her with a proposal at an intersection between their homes.  He joked it would be a “vanilla” proposal so they shared a vanilla iced cake and her favorite Starbucks vanilla latte.

The bridesmaids were the sisters of both and the groomsmen were friends from high school.  We loved watching Anne and her mother together.  It was absolutely sweet, and you could easily tell how close they both are. The ceremony provided some funny moments, including Richard trying to kiss Anne at the wrong time and the best man forgetting the rings!  The groom’s father stepped in with a ring for them to use instead.
They warned us the dance floor would be packed all night…they weren’t lying.  Richard had some of the best dance moves of any groom we have EVER seen! They were fun to watch together on the dance floor.


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