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AUTUMN + JERROD | wedding

WEDDING DOWN ON THE FAMILY FARM Remember ALL of the rain we kept getting in May? I believe…the wettest Spring on record. Well, this was one we were just praying would work out. The energy for Autumn and Jerrod’s wedding was off the charts. They were ready to party for this family farm wedding. There were unique […]

RIANA + JACOB | wedding

PERFECT DIY WEDDING IN ZIONSVILLE Riana and Jacob are special people. And, we aren’t the only people that think so. Many family members and friends took part in creating their beautiful wedding. Along with a friend who owns a tree farm, Jacob helped hand carve a trellis. He first surprised Riana by proposing underneath it, and then months later […]

HEATHER + OT | wedding

SIMPLE, BEAUTIFUL FARM WEDDING We had only two hours to spend with this bride and groom but it was two of the most heartwarming hours we have spent this season. They are simply in love, and had a simple, beautiful wedding on this farm in Indiana. They, along with their friends, worked tirelessly to spruce this working […]

HERITAGE CHIC STYLE SHOOT | wedding inspiration

Heritage Chic Style Wedding Shoot This Style Shoot was designed for a modern couple whose style is contemporary with influences of vintage romance and rustic charm. The Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis is the perfect setting for such an event, as its gorgeous design makes it possible to host events of all types.  Eventfull Planning […]


ECLECTIC FARM WEDDING I love when Jennifer and Woodie described some interesting some things about themselves they said, their favorite movie was Dr. Who and their most prized possession was the vintage dining table they had recently purchased.  They have such an eclectic and lively group of friends that made this wedding so exciting to […]

ANGELA + RYAN | wedding

WEDDING WITH BOOTS With a last name like Boots, Angela and Ryan kind of had to include a pair of kicks into their wedding day!  We started taking pictures at Maplelawn Farmstead with the wedding party before the ceremony…what an awesome, fun group.  We had a great time, and thankfully the weather was on our […]

LESLIE + ANDY | wedding

FARM WEDDING IN BATESVILLE Like we always explain, no two weddings are ever alike.  We LOVE our farm weddings!  Leslie and Andy’s took us on a hayride for the first time in Batesville.  This wedding party also happened to be one of the wildest bunch we have photographed.  It was fun! Congratulations!

NANCY + CHRIS | wedding

TRADERS POINT CREAMERY WEDDING We love, love, love this family, especially after it being the second wedding we have photographed for this family with six children. They have been blessed by a wonderfully big family, and observing them is so enjoyable. There are some hilarious stories. Nancy and Chris planned a gorgeous wedding starting at […]

EMILY + BRENT | wedding

A BEAUTIFUL COUPLE WITH A BEAUTIFUL STORY I truly do not mean to sound redundant but…we adore Emily and Brent, and it happened the first moment we met them. When they described the most important aspect of their wedding being the ceremony…we were hooked. Emily and Brent have seen their challenges at a young age […]

SAMANTHA + DAVID | wedding

FARM WEDDING SAVED BY THE RAIN One of the weddings we have most anticipated in 2009…set on a 700 acre farm that has been in Samantha’s family since the 1800s.  The Victorian home has been relatively untouched so the nooks and crannies throughout were absolutely intriguing and set the backdrop for a beautiful day. There […]